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Anjela Freyja

June 14, 2013
About Project

Collage is a valid art form, and as such, there are very specific elements that make a collage design work or not work.  Most of the time your eyes can tell you if a collage is properly designed or not.  Even if you can’t say what’s wrong with it your eyes can tell you.  Collage is used to explore color, design, ideas and re-imaging work.

“It is not the form that dictates the color, but the color that brings out the form.” – Hans Hoffman, German Abstract Painter

Anjela Freyja’s creative and handmade collages caught our eye due to the detail and intricate thought behind each design.  There are several aspects of the work that are formed, including layout, color, content, functionality and overall composition.  The mix of color, line, movement, pattern and shapes create a life and energy to your eye while maintaining the life of the found images.

Anjela Freyja works full time as an artistic director and graphic/web designer in Montreal. She is the creative director at HOUS Studio, the assistant designer for the record label Infinite Machine and has clients around Montreal and surrounding areas.