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Interview / Rinat Shingareev

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Rinat Shingareev
November 17, 2013
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How To Write A Bibliography Mla Introducing the work of Rinat Shingareev & his pop icon paintings

Uk Best Essays 1.Where are you based? I’m based in Italy.

Students Buying Essays 2. Tell us about your work and what you do?  I can confidently call myself a professional artist. I develop the philosophy of Andy Warhol realizing more bold and interesting ideas and try to bring Pop Art to the next level. Main objective of my art is the desire to transmit spirit of my era through the portraits of the most actual characters. Generally these people by own efforts achieved the highest heights in the profession and their stories inspires others to do great things.

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3. What inspires your work? I can’t say that I feel any necessity for inspiration in my work. I just feel a strong desire to create something new constantly and to see implemented all of my ideas and projects in the best way.

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Buying A Paper Online 4. What’s your process?  Purchase A College Essay Usually I work in my studio for 6-8 hours a day and the creation of one work takes me about two to three weeks. I put the main emphasis on the idea and realization of the work is already technical aspect.