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Interview / Sami Shehadeh

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April 23, 2015
About Project

Sami Shehadeh is a contemporary artist based in Athens, Greece & Berlin, Germany.

How To Write A Cover Page For A Research Paper Doctoral Thesis Kentucky One word to describe yourself and work? 


How did you begin your career? 

My career as a self taught mixed media artist began when I presented my first works in a small series called ‘Melancholy’.  I am also a graphic designer working in an advertising agency in Berlin.  

Dissertation Consulting Service Writing When did the art/visual emerge? 

When I was 15 years old I believe. Watching my sister working on her interior architecture projects had a big impact on my academic desire.

Where did you grow up and where are you based now?

I was born and raised in Athens, Greece.  Currently I am based in Berlin, Germany, trying to get used to the cold weather.

Where does your visual eye and taste come from? 

I grew up in a country full of  history and arts, I’ve always been fascinated by the amazing architecture of the ancient Greeks.  I’m always trying to gain inspiration through travelling. It’s just simply amazing how much can every culture offer you.

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Tell us more about the work you create?

My work is a combination of digital painting and fine arts. I really like the combination of the new versus the old but I will remain silent and let my work speak to you.

What is your process like, do you play music, drink…what pulls the inspiration?

I firstly work digitally and when I am satisfied with the result I print in materials such as canvas paper, metal etc and then I paint with materials such as acrylic colors or oil. During my process I listen to songs that inspire me , depending on which kind of emotions I want to pursue. Red wine also plays a big role during my process.

What artists inspire you?

Antonio Soares, Ernesto Artillo, Januz Miralles, Agnes Cecile.

Creative Writing Ideas Hsc How does culture and society influence your work?

Society and culture have a huge impact in the creation of my work. Unfortunatelly, every day across the world more and more people suffer from various reasons such as poverty,war etc. I always try to send a message through my work

Research Paper On Water Pollution Do you have any other hobbies/interests?

Yes but no time. When I do , I try to do things that will relax me such as watch tv-series or just hang out

What are you currently working on professionally and personally? 

I’m currently working on a personal project called ‘Secrets’ . It’s a mixed media painting collection done with ‘new’ materials. I am trying to experiment and question my limits. Dissertation Editing Help Qualitative What is the last book you’ve read? 

The hidden child – Camilla Lackberg. Although she is one of my favorites, I wasn’t satisfied 

Favorite film? 

The gone girl, Serena, Interstellar, Lucy

Favorite bands?  Music do you like? 

Florence and the Machine,  Alt-J, Mumford and Sons. Mostly indie/alternative.

Custom Dissertation Writing Uk What else do you want to experience in life? 

World Peace.

What’s your philosophy on life? 

Just make it to the next day.

Last thing that made you smile? 

A video by Ellen Degeneres on